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FLASHBACK 2014 ~ Faces of Boulder ~ CU Homecoming Weekend

November 11th, 2023

CU Boulder’s 100th Homecoming game brought Boulder back to its roots and was a day to remember for both CU students, Alumni, and Boulder residents. Everyone in Boulder was reminded this weekend of why Boulder is such a great place to live in through the beautiful 80 degree weather and the great moments that made up this years homecoming weekend. The following images come from Travis Bildahl and Joseph Wirth as they went from party to party on the hill area of Boulder this weekend. Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed game day!                         Hope... Read More

Homecoming 2014: Get Ready to Get Rowdy!

October 23rd, 2014

  To those who read my post from last week, I apologize if this article comes across as reminiscent, but hey, it’s the 100 year homecoming anniversary, a date to be remembered!!! Yes, a date worthy of three consecutive exclamation points. I already talked about the events I find most worth checking out, but I’d like to emphasize on two of them.   The first event, taking place on Friday (tomorrow), is the Pearl Street Stampede. The main reason I recommend going to this event is it’s aimed to get everyone stoked on our football team and the hope they will pull their “stuff” together... Read More

Back to Boulder Homecoming Weekend

October 15th, 2014

  So, homecoming weekend is almost upon us! I’d rather talk about it this week even though homecoming is next week so everyone is fully prepared for a good time. The cool fact about this year’s homecoming? We’re celebrating 100 years of homecoming.   The cool part about homecoming in general is alumni or current students can equally enjoy it. Since this is my final homecoming as an undergrad, I’ll try and shed some light on the schedule for Back to Boulder, and which events should be the best to check out. Here’s the list:   Alumni Awards Ceremony: Check this out for... Read More