To those who read my post from last week, I apologize if this article comes across as reminiscent, but hey, it’s the 100 year homecoming anniversary, a date to be remembered!!! Yes, a date worthy of three consecutive exclamation points. I already talked about the events I find most worth checking out, but I’d like to emphasize on two of them.


The first event, taking place on Friday (tomorrow), is the Pearl Street Stampede. The main reason I recommend going to this event is it’s aimed to get everyone stoked on our football team and the hope they will pull their “stuff” together for this important game. It’s also something free that the whole family can enjoy. The marching band will be sure to accompany, plus the entire football team. I know our football players aren’t known for attending most classes with us, but let’s show some support by attending this event, what’ya say? The party starts in front of the Boulder Courthouse at 7pm, led by Stephen Tebo’s antique CU firetruck, no relation to Tim Tebow.


The second event you shouldn’t be caught missing is the Homecoming Parade. Last year the parade was on pearl street but intuitively, it didn’t bring as many students. So, this year it’s back on the hill! The director of homecoming even said “her goal is to make this years celebration more student-friendly”, so take her word for it if you don’t take mine! Since floats weren’t allowed on pearl this year, expect students to come through on some diggity dope floats! If you haven’t been to a homecoming parade yet, get your party pants on for this one. Most importantly, since it takes place on the hill and un-promptly at 9am, it’s going to be a public escort to the game unlike any other we’ve recently had!


Students of CU, alumni, and anyone for that matter, come prepared for an epic homecoming weekend and be sure to attend these two events at the bare minimum!