fall in boulder

It seems that every year in Boulder we have abrupt seasonal shifts. I’m an environmental student but I’ll save you the time and boredom of explaining why this happens. Nonetheless, we all want to be ready for the change in weather. This is crucial to staying healthy. Staying healthy is crucial to getting good grades!


First and foremost, ladies, and I think I speak for every guy on the planet when I say this; please LOSE THE UGG BOOTS. These shoes/boots/stockings/whatever are the perfect balance of “I don’t want to look professional, I just want comfort.” If you have them, introduce them to the trashcan, if you don’t, stay smart. Now, the main point to stress is to stay warm. This can be a difficult goal to reach since the temperature changes by up to 30 degrees a day.


If you’re lucky, have rich parents, or don’t care about quality of living, hopefully you live close to campus. This lets you bundle up for the freezing mornings, only to make a pit-stop at home to drop off a few layers of clothing once it heats up. This isn’t high school, and unfortunately we don’t have lockers for everyone.


Especially if you’re from out-of-state, realize that this is the last time you’ll see temperatures in the 70s for months. So, take advantage of these last few weeks of nice weather before they’re gone. Go on a hike, bike ride, walk down Boulder creek, even look at the leaves.


Now, as a Colorado native, I have the right to dog on leaf lookers. If you’re unaware of the term “leaf lookers”, then google it as I don’t have the time to explain. The reason they catch a bad rep is simply because people who drive these mountain roads daily aren’t used to traffic. However, around this time of the year, expect massive traffic delays on roads that hardly ever see cars. It has become such an epidemic I’m considering making a collage of photos of leaf lookers looking at the leaves. With that said, the last thing I want to do is promote leaf lookers! But it happens only once a year, and gives our amazing state and town the right kind of attention.


So, students, to sum it up; stay warm and healthy, be prepared for any kind of weather/temperature, appreciate the beautiful colors, and enjoy the final days of t-shirt weather. As always, stay Bold, Boulder!