AB 1

The start of the school year is very busy and can be stressful so it’s best to know the top steps to get rid of that stress early on.

  1. Billiards/Bowling in the UMC
  2. Walking through our Museum
  3. Picnic on Norlin
  4. Swim in the new Buff Pool
  5. Check out the Planetarium

The UMC is known for supplying all Buff apparel, books needed for class, dining, program council, and the list goes on. However, tucked away on the bottom floor on the south end you will find The Connection. It’s cheap fun, and if you go for bowling when it’s busy and have to wait, the pool is free.

I have senior friends here at CU, SENIORS, that don’t even know half of these buildings exist. One that deserves more attention or at least respect is the Museum of Natural History. Throughout two floors, you can walk around to learn about ongoing research being conducted on campus, contemporary pueblo pottery, and even see a legitimate T-Rex skull.

Whether you’re on a break from class or class decided to go outside or you decided to miss that one class of the semester, Norlin Quad is a great place to sit outside on a nice day. Picnics are becoming a thing of the past and I don’t like it. We don’t have those ants you see in cartoons stealing full picnics, blanket and all, so why aren’t we having more picnics on Norlin? It’s cheaper than eating out, can be healthier, and a great way to socialize with true friends by putting all other things in life on hold for one single meal.

I personally haven’t tried out the new Buff pool, but as a student helping pay for it, perhaps it should be used more by us. It looks great, and as a student it’s free to use. Go with friends and that means free entertainment, and possibly exercising or sun tanning to alleviate some of that school stress.

From what I hear, the equipment in our planetarium used to show us the stars in an incredible perspective was the second to be produced when our campus got it. I don’t know if this is true, I’m no astrology major, but it’s responsible for putting on some of the coolest shows you can find anywhere. As a student, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this free entertainment? I guarantee it will take your mind off school related stress!