Planning a date night or an outing can be a pain, especially if you want to break out of your routine and try something new. It’s even harder if you’re new to the area or just visiting.

Photo courtesy of Miranda Kozman

Night on Pearl St.; photo by Miranda Kozman

Most of us have probably lost a good chunk of our lives asking Google what to do with our Friday night. Either we frantically type words into the search bar until something relevant pops up, or we give up and watch television in our pajamas. Finding something to do can be surprisingly hard if you aren’t sure where to start.

Now you can start here: Boulder Date Nights and Day Trips. Each week, our blog series will put together a few ideas for exploring the area, all built around a theme: Beer Fanatics, Sweet Tooth, Kid at Heart…you get the idea. We hope this not only gets you out and doing new things, but also shows you Boulder through a different lens each week. Whether you’re in town for the weekend, or you’ve lived here for decades, there’s always something new to explore.

Best of all, each post will be short and easy to navigate, so you can spend less time reading and more time doing. If we suggest an event, you’ll know the time and location. If we suggest a restaurant, we’ll tell you our favorite picks and pairings. In the age of information, sometimes it’s nice to have a manageable list of options.

Do you have an idea for a theme you’d like to see on Date Nights and Day Trips? Tell us in the comments, and we just might do the planning for you.