Although the holiday season has come and gone about as fast as a snowstorm turns into a summer day in Colorado, plenty of opportunities still present themselves in the quest for the perfect gift; jewelry, wine, clothes and concert tickets can only be gifted so many times. What about people looking to give something more meaningful, more memorable? Enter Boulder start-up Wishlist LLC. Started in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado in 2012 by Wade Rosen and Andreas Deptolla, Wishlist offers a unique take on the gift giving process by offering experiences rather than ‘things’ or ‘stuff’. Partnering with local vendors throughout the state, these experiences feature a wealth of Colorado based activities such as weekend mountain getaways, rock climbing, brewery tours, dinners for two, and tranquil spa packages. Currently Wishlist’s most popular Boulder vendor is Marianna L’Esthetique Medi Spa located right off Pearl Street.

How does this work? Gift certificates for any of these activities or packages are purchased online at and an email is sent to the recipient along with a personalized gift message. This email then directs them Wishlist’s website where recipients select their destination, activity or adventure of choice. Charming and Premier Getaways offer stays at cozy cabins or luxury hotels in beautiful Colorado destinations and Premier Getaways include special gifts or activities at the hotels as well; the Adventure category offers outdoor activities such as white water rafting or horseback riding through mountain trails while the Adrenaline category includes activities for those seeking more of a rush, with thrilling activities like skydiving or paragliding; Urban Living gifts are great for the beverage connoisseur or art lover, options including wine tastings, distillery tours, museum and gallery showings and art classes. Relaxation options are perfect for those who love to be pampered and the Escape category offers getaways that feature indoor and/or outdoor activities specific to the location selected for the duration of your stay. Each of these packages and activities are affordably priced between $40 and $500 and make the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more.

Going beyond gifts for friends and family, Wishlist also offers Corporate Gifts. These gifts are purchased specifically by companies with their employees in mind. Gifts from all the categories Wishlist offers are becoming a popular way for companies to reward employees or show their appreciation for their hard work in the company. Otterbox GNIP, Slice of Lime, Ship Compliant, Sendgrid, RE/MAX and Denver Botanic Gardens are just some of the numerous companies happily purchasing through Wishlist for corporate gifts. In addition to performance rewards, many real estate agents are finding Wishlist gifts the perfect way to thank a client for referrals or when closing on a house.

How did this one of a kind Boulder start-up come to be? Founder Wade Rosen was struck by the idea when he found himself wanting to give his friends and family gifts that were more than just material objects. In Europe—where he was currently living at the time—experiences similar to the ones Wishlist offers were popular gift ideas. Noting the absence of such an idea in the States, he took his idea back to Colorado with him, a place he felt had so many great adventures to offer and with friend and cofounder Andreas Deptolla started working on creating Wishlist LLC. The Wishlist team has grown since its inception in 2012 and is now a tight-knit unit comprised of ten members. Located in the Impact Hub in Boulder, the team can be found working hard to provide lasting memories for all its gift recipients.