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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!


It’s official, when I grow up I want to be this lady.

Meet Nancie!

She is the owner of Lafayette Antiques & Home Decor. Walking through her door is somewhat like walking into a time machine, not only for the sake of being surrounded by thousands of vintage items, but because it is inevitable that you will wonder where hours of your time went when you can finally pull yourself out of the shop! Everywhere you look there is an eclectic mix of stuff just begging for you to take it home! The shop is arranged into fun displays in seemingly endless rooms on multiple levels. Nancie moved to Colorado in 1996 when her husbands job led them here from California. She has been working with antiques for quite some time but had the opportunity to open her own place 2 years ago. She loves doing the research on peculiar items and sharing each ones intended use with its new owner. She is super friendly and extremely knowledgable about her inventory!

When she isn’t at the store, Nancie is home relaxing with her pups close by or tending to the plethora of other animals she owns; she has horses, a donkey, chickens and more!

Nancie, it is always my pleasure to spend time in your shop, I look forward to next time and thank you so much for chatting!

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