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“So many happy moments! I think one would be after I accepted Christ and fully gave my life to Him, is when I started experiencing way more joy. I was just kind of down in the dumps all the time before that, not all the time, but it totally transformed my experience of life. I was just more free to be joyful and to also just be myself and to not have to put on any kind of show for anyone. So I was thinking about summer project (mission) and how that was kind of the first time when that really played itself out. I experienced community for the first time and just experienced the Lord’s love in a real way… That was the first time that I’d experienced real christian community on a large scale and I think it was really raw. We were living life together everyday 24/7 so you get to know people really quickly. They also see all of your flaws and all of the hard stuff that other people don’t see because you hide it from them. You just can’t hid it from people when you’re on project. So to be fully known by those people and then also fully loved was the first time I had ever experienced that. Prior to that I had always put up a front of, “this is who I want people to see who I am”, so I had more control over that. But then on project that control is ripped away because you have to live life really closely with other people.” -Kyleigh Holloway