dan-and-elliot-600 Meet Dan and Elliot. These guys are fly fishers. They’ve been doing this for years now, and on a warm Sunday at 4pm they decided to come to Boulder Creek to fish for trout. You are not allowed to keep the trout that you catch in the creek, so they just get a hook and toss it back in. But don’t be fooled, just because these guys are fishing in Boulder Creek doesn’t make them new to the sport. Dan recently trekked all the way to Montana to fly fish with his dad, battling massive fish in raging rapids with just his rod and his hands. They like the atmosphere of the creek in Boulder, just down stream a young boy stands in the water trying to cast his line more than ten feet. Beyond him a girl rests on a rock near a small rapid, hoping to get a bite before sundown. If you’ve never tried Fly fishing give it a shot! The local creek is a great place to learn!