Bloodhound Backed by the Continental Divide. A 5′ 1.5 meter snow had just fallen. The Ears Are HUGE!                       pic Lenny Lensworth Frieling


pic of Divide looking West over Wanaka Lake                               pic Lenny Lensworth Frieling

Boulder‘s Simon (Spanish, pronounced “SeeMow” is full-blooded papered bloodhound. The original owners were so surprised by how large the pup got. They were caught off guard by the amount of attention the pup required. They could not handle that, and the present Boulder “parent” is wonderful! This dog, huge ears and all, is a true sweetheart. He cooperated, sort of, in posing in front of the Continental Divide in the distance. We’re looking West over Wanaka Lake.

Bloodhounds are a distinctive and venerable breed of dogs, renowned for their unparalleled sense of smell and their remarkable tracking abilities. With origins tracing back to medieval Europe, these dogs have been bred for centuries to trail scents over vast distances, making them invaluable assets in search and rescue operations and in law enforcement for tracking missing persons or fugitives. They are also used for cadaver location. Whether at the scene of a natural disaster like an earthquake, searching the rubble, or smelling a body which is under water, these working dogs have unique talents.

One of the most iconic features of Bloodhounds is their large, floppy ears, which do much more than just add to their unique appearance. These ears play a crucial role in enhancing their scent-tracking capabilities. When a Bloodhound lowers its head to follow a trail, its ears help to sweep scents from the ground towards its nose, essentially funneling odors directly to where they can be best analyzed. This mechanism is akin to creating a scent trap, ensuring that no trace goes unnoticed by these canine detectives.

Furthermore, the Bloodhound’s long, wrinkled face and loose skin are not merely distinctive features but also serve to catch and hold scent particles. Their deep-set eyes and drooping skin help to shield their nose from dust and debris, allowing them to maintain focus on the scent they are following without distraction.

Bloodhounds possess over 300 million scent receptors, a number vastly superior to that of humans and one of the highest among all dog breeds. This biological marvel, combined with their physical characteristics and their unparalleled determination, enables Bloodhounds to follow trails that are days old and over long distances.

Their incredible olfactory abilities, combined with a gentle and steadfast temperament, make Bloodhounds an invaluable breed in both professional settings and as loyal companions. The dedication and skill of these scent hounds have earned them a revered place in search teams across the globe, demonstrating time and again their vital role in search and rescue missions.

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

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