In Colorado Springs, a 50-acre development with guard towers and a secure perimeter is preparing for the fall of civilization. The development is owned by former military intelligence officer and Harvard Ph.D. Drew Miller. His bunkers are 10 x 10-foot spaces, and there are long basements that have 3-foot earth cover overhead.

For a membership fee of $1,000 per person, you will receive ten vacation days each year at any of the ranch locations. In the event of a catastrophe and civil collapse, all members are allowed for the duration of the disaster with no time limits.

Each ranch can hold up to 500 members in a disaster.

Miller says, “We really hate the stupid “Doomsday Prepper” series. It’s a complete misrepresentation of preppers where the first rule of prepping is don’t tell anyone you’re a prepper. You don’t want people coming to you for food, help in a disaster, or targeting you.

I can afford to talk about it to because we are big, organized, and well defended. But the vast majority of preppers are not, so you keep it confidential. Our members, most preppers, are former military, intelligence community, law enforcement, professionals who recognize that in a pandemic, loss of the electric system, other big disasters, police will be overwhelmed, and criminals will be free to do massive looting and worse. You don’t want to be in a city or suburban area, and must be able to protect yourselves.”