Last week’s coffee-centered gift guide will hopefully come in handy while you do your holiday shopping. But if you’re looking for more affordable gifts, I recommend buying something that every coffee lover really wants: coffee beans! A bag of beans from a third wave or local roaster is an excellent and relatively inexpensive gift—it makes for a great stocking stuffer too. Give the gift of delicious coffee this Winter and support roasters who strive to do right by their coffee farmers/suppliers. Here’s my list of this season’s best coffee to gift:


Boxcar Coffee – the Kenya Gatomboya is a fruity offering from Boulder’s finest coffee company.


Corvus Coffee – the Cyembumba, Rwanda is a Bourbon varietal that’s part of the Sustainable Harvest program, which seeks to improve the lives of low-income women farmers by helping them set better trade prices and farming standards.


Huckleberry Roasters – the Sister Winter Holiday Blend combines Colombian, Kenyan, and Ethiopian coffees, giving it a sweet and creamy balance. $4 of every bag purchased will be donated to the Grounds for Health Roaster’s Challenge, which helps provide cervical cancer healthcare services to women in Ethiopia.



© 2014 Huckleberry Roasters

© 2014 Huckleberry Roasters


Counter Culture – this year’s Holiday Coffee is a chocolaty and nutty blend. Part of this bag’s proceeds go to the SEEDS program, which aims to promote sustainability and education in coffee farming communities.


Intelligentsia – the 20th edition of the Celebration Blend is a direct trade coffee that mixes two East African coffees with one Central American. It is full of warm and toasty flavors that’ll help any coffee drinker ring in the New Year.


Blue Bottle – the New Orleans Iced Kit is the perfect gift for the iced coffee addict—the person who wants their coffee chilled even during the coldest Winter. It’s a delicious cold brew with a hint of roasted chicory.


Stumptown – Guatemala Finca El Injerto is Stumptown’s Grand Cru aka their current supreme leader. It is expensive but coffee perfection has a price.



photo courtesy of Sean Davis


A bag of any one of these seasonal offerings will make a great gift for the coffee drinker in your life. Or treat yourself to one of these coffees so that you’ll have the energy to get through the holidays!