“Our story is simple. We thought hummus could be fun. We wanted something organic, made without cutting the good ingredients for cost, as well as something more innovative. We wanted something fresh to dip our veggies into, and voilà! Our Spicy Avocado Hummus was born.“- Hope Hummus


Untitled Hope Hummus began much like many other natural foods companies. With an idea for a fun twist on a classic food, and the passion to pursue the dream of turning their fun idea into an actual company.


Hope Hummus offers hummus in vibrant packaging with the mantra “Spread Good Things” on every package sold. The play on words correctly describes the spreading of good spreads (their hummus and also “superfood dips” and chocolate spread :0), as well as spreading an infectious positivity and their hope for change in aspects of food production.

The company’s products are made with the best sourced ingredients they can find, with the purpose of changing those things in the food industry that can be controlled. All-natural, organic, NON-GMO + daringly different types of ingredients are all that goes into every bite of Hope.


Their values seep into their products, especially that one fundamental belief in Hope: “OUR BELIEFS We don’t just have hope, we live on hope. Hope is concrete and can only exist when it points to something that’s real. We live with hope for the food industry because we know that it can be better. Our company was born out of this belief, and it stands as the foundation for how we operate. You can trust that our products will always have the ingredients you hope for — fresh, high-quality, and organic.”

On the production side, Hope creates their un-baked products using a system called High Pressure Processing, an alternative to using heat or preservatives on food in an effort to preserve freshness without using artificial preservatives.


The “Founding Five” members of Hope, those who first made the hummus, sold at the Farmer’s market, and watched the company grow into what it is today, are all part of the executive team, helping to ensure the values Hope Hummus began with remain true today.


And their goal, aside from making creative hummus concoctions and chocolate spreads?—

“What is our goal? To take over the world with hummus! But while we wait, we want to improve the food industry in the tangible ways we can. Take a look at our labels and you’ll see we have nothing to hide. We love our customers, and aim to provide them with unique flavors and delicious new products.”

Photos via Hope Hummus.