Times are tough for companies around the country, but the hardest hit are going to be the little guys. One thing that makes our city so great is the abundance of small businesses, boutiques and mom & pop shops. If we as the loyal consumers don’t do something, many of these will vanish during this trying time.

Easier said than done though, right? How do we support our favorite restaurant if going out to eat makes us more vulnerable? How do we shop at our favorite place is it has to be closed since the owners kids are out of school unexpectedly, or even worse…sick? One simple solution comes to mind:

Go buy gift cards/certificates!


That’s right! The perfect solution is to go online (preferably) and buy a nice gift card or gift certificate to your favorite spots. That gives the owners a little revenue to ‘keep the lights on,’ and when this all blows over and it’s business as usual, you can go out and spent you credit.

Happy shopping and Support your Local Business!

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