Autumn is the season of transformation, and with it there are many metaphors for you to reflect on in creating change in your life.

medicine_wheel-layers.jpgIndigenous traditions from around the world all use metaphors of the earth in their rituals for connecting with the greater whole.

This is often reflected in the use of the “medicine wheel” which lays out different elements, seasons, symbols etc. on the compass. In this framework, Fall is located in the West which also represents sunset and generally reflects a time of harvesting before the dark of night/winter etc. in the North.


penuai okeThe metaphor of harvesting clearly relates to agricultural cycles, and a time when the fruits of ones labors have ripened. It’s a phase of completion and abundance, and can relate to your physical creations as well as harvests on mental and emotional levels.

Fall is a great time of year to reflect on what you have learned, whether from your successes or your challenges. In taking the time to capture the fruits of your experiences, you will grow in maturity and wisdom to bring into your future endeavors.

What are you harvesting?

In Boulder, we are blessed to have a beautiful visual for this process as we witness the changing of the leaves. There is something magical about how leaves change color at the end of their yearly cycle. It’s bold and dramatic, and something of a final celebration of color and life before the dormant cycle of winter will begin.

While leaves have much to teach us in how to let go, they also remind us to celebrate the beauty of how we’ve grown in our previous cycles.

What are you celebrating and how?

A key part of transformation is letting go of old patterns that no longer serve. The grace with which trees let go of their leaves can be an inspiration for this process of necessary release.

treesletgoandsocanwePeople are often afraid or resistant to the phase of loss that accompanies change. While this is absolutely normal, and to be expected, looking to trees as a symbol for this process can help. After dropping their leaves, trees go through a phase of dormancy before their new growth. This is similar to the unknown and the mystery that people face when they are moving on from an old way of being.

However, it’s unlikely that the tree resists this phase or is afraid of what the future holds. The natural way of things is that after this phase of resting, the leaves will return with new life. When you are going through a process of change, it’s helpful to trust in the process– allowing the new patterns to emerge while being able to rest in the unknown.

What are you ready to release for your next cycle of growth?