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Memorial Day in Boulder: A Short Guide

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Carnival at Boulder Creek Festival                                Photo Credit: Julia DeBell

With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching there are a few things you, as a Boulderite, should know. The first is that Boulder is absolutely filled with festivities and family fun. The second is that the whole affair can be a bit hectic. Worry not! Whether you’d like to stay in town and take part in the revelry or escape with a hike in the wilderness, there’s something for everyone on this holiday.

Bolder Boulder 10K

Some of you might be in the final stages of training to participate in Boulder’s annual memorial day run. This race, started in 1979, has grown to host more than 50,000 runners and walkers. With a course that winds through downtown Boulder on its way to the finish line in Folsom Stadium, it’s a great way to enjoy the city on this holiday. Whether you’re a runner set on a beating a personal record, a walker bent on having a good time, or a spectator taking in the sights along the route or in the stadium, the Bolder Boulder is a good time. For extra memorial day fun, take full advantage of the slip-n-slides, free food, and entertainment set up along the course. It makes the distance seem just that much shorter.

Gross Reservoir

If you’re crowd averse or just want to spend some time outside, consider a daytrip to Gross Reservoir. Located fewer than 10 miles up Flagstaff, it’s a great place to savor a quieter weekend. Bring a picnic and your family and friends, and you’ve got a good time ahead of you. 

Pro-tip: Driving and parking in Boulder on Memorial Day weekend is a bear. Avoid the traffic downtown by taking advantage of Boulder’s extensive bike trail network. An especially handy route is the Boulder Bike Path which runs right through downtown.

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