A mountain lion just took a dog around the 700 block of Linden Ave. The owners found the mountain lion but haven’t found the dog yet. Please keep your eyes out for a gray and white sheepadoodle.


Mountain lion season has hit Colorado, which means this wild animals is likely to make its way into backyards and human populated areas to hunt prey. Here are some tips for if you do encounter a mountain lion.

  • Stay calm–Face the lion squarely and back away. Mountain lions do not generally see humans as prey, so don’t make yourself into prey by squatting, cowering, or running
  • Do not approach–Stay away from the lion and give it a chance to leave; it wants to leave as much as you do
  • Make yourself intimidating–wave your arms, raise your voice, anything that makes you look like you’re in charge. Don’t turn your back on the lion
  • If the lion keeps approaching, begin throwing sticks or rocks, and prepare to defend yourself if necessary. It is unlikely that this will happen

It’s unlikely that a mountain lion will approach you, but it’s best to stay aware of your surroundings, especially while hiking or out in the wilderness, and keep track of your animals if you live in an area that is prone to have mountain lions.