Each day, darkness descends upon us faster and faster. Days shrink unnoticeably at first, but soon, these minutes add up until the darkness is inescapable. Daily rituals change, our skin dries and cracks in the cold, windows close, and furnaces remain on call. Something terrifying is happening: the seasons are changing. We begin to dream of going South, somewhere untouched by this ghostly hand, a place where the sun still beats on bold rock faces and the air is alive with warmth. Though, for many of us, this is merely a fantasy, we may escape for a week or two, but in the end, we return to the cold.

Fortunately, living in Boulder, CO, means there are still plenty of opportunities to fulfill your need to move and to remain active during these trying times. Here are a few places to go and events to check out as you prepare yourself for winter.

Ninja Smack Down hosted by Apex Movement – November 15, 2015

This year, Brian Arnold and Ian Dory, better known as the “Wolfpack” from American Ninja Warrior, have teamed up to create a warrior style obstacle course where competitors can test their skills in a variety of challenges. Similar to the course from Ninja Warrior, it will test agility, balance, and strength. More information is available from www.ninjasmackdown.com

Psychedelia hosted by The Spot Bouldering Gym – October 24, 2015

Each year, the Spot Bouldering Gym throws the biggest black light climbing party around. In a matter of days, the gym is transformed into a glow in the dark jungle gym complete with incredible art from local artists and a barrage of climbing challenges. Here, competitors will tackle Boulder problems that could include anything from trampolines to swinging from ropes. Also, though it is not required, most competitors come in costume, this year is Dr. Seuss themed, so get creative and get ready to crush!


Warren Miller’s Chasing Shadows at the Boulder Theater – November 12th – 15th

For those of us that crave winter and the snowy blanket that will (hopefully) envelope us for months to come, cold temperatures and heavy precipitation mean only one thing: it is time to head to the mountains. But you can’t ski everyday, so, the next best thing is watching other people. This November the Boulder Theater will be showing Warren Miller’s Chasing Shadows, which is guaranteed to be an epic ride through the eyes of some of the best athletes in the world. For 66 years, Warren Miller Films have inspired and compelled us into loving winter and the beauty of a soft snow on a hard mountain. Tickets are available at www.bouldertheater.com.

JT Holmes Squaw Valley segment- Warren Miller Entertianment: Camera Men: Tom Day, Keoki Flagg

JT Holmes
Squaw Valley segment-
Warren Miller Entertianment:
Camera Men: Tom Day, Keoki Flagg