Boulder residents are nothing if not adventurous, and with a slew of jagged peaks, soaring canyons, and other beautiful natural features just begging to be conquered, rock climbing is a popular pastime. We found five great places to get in a killer climb for those adventurous spirits.

1.  Eldorado Canyon

Credit: F Delventhal, Rootsrated

Eldorado Canyon, a state park just south of Boulder, offers hundreds of routes up 700-foot cliffs. Climb along south-facing routes in the springtime, and beat the heat in the summer by finding shaded routes. This park can get crowded on weekends, so go early to get your climb on!

2. The Flatirons

Credit: Ken Cangi,

You’ve heard the details on the flatiron hikes (insert link to flatirons review here); but did you know you can find some excellent climbing along those same trails? The flatirons offer dozens of breathtaking views and thrilling climbs up sheer cliffs. Some areas of the flatirons are closed to climbing for falcon nesting February 1 to July 31, and others for bat nesting April 1 to Aug 31, so to make sure your desired route is accessible call 303-441-3440 or visit

3. Flagstaff Mountain

Credit: Bhoran Horan,

If you’re heading into the Boulder County Open Space via Flagstaff Road, you’re bound to see dozens of climbers and boulderers clinging to the sandstone face of the mountain on the drive up. It’s the hip hangout spot for bouldering, and offers a multitude of moderate routes to test your technical knowledge. Bike up the steep switchbacks to get a pre-climb workout!

4. Boulder Canyon

Credit: Andrew Magill, Rootsrated

Boulder Canyon offers all sorts of beautiful hikes, views, and strolls for a variety of skill levels, and that includes climbers. With dozens of available granite crags, there are routes for every skill level and weather condition. Some routes are closed from February 1 to July 31 for raptor nesting. Find that information here:

5. North Table Mountain

Credit: James Dziezynski, Rootsrated

Take the incredibly scenic highway 93 from Boulder to Golden for amazing views and a killer climb. The sun-soaked crags of North Table Mountain are climbable almost all year long, and offer over 350 routes of varying difficulties and styles.

Happy climbing!

Feature Image Credit: Eli Boardman,