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Rockin Fun: Kids Bouldering Adventures in Boulder

November 16th, 2023

Boulder, Colorado is widely considered a fantastic place for kids to go bouldering because of its beautiful natural landscape, numerous outdoor recreation options, and excellent facilities. Bouldering, a form of rock climbing, involves climbing without the use of ropes or harnesses on smaller rocks and boulders. This makes it a more accessible and less intimidating option for children who may be new to the sport or prefer to climb on a smaller scale. One of the best things about bouldering in Boulder is the wide variety of boulder fields and rock formations to choose from. The Flatirons, a series... Read More

Eldorado Canyon State Park: A Mecca for Rock Climbing Enthusiasts Around the Globe

November 14th, 2023

Eldorado Canyon, located near Boulder, Colorado is a true gem in the world of rock climbing. With its unique sandstone formations, beautiful surroundings, and challenging routes, it’s no wonder that Eldorado Canyon has become one of the best climbing locations in the world. One of the reasons Eldorado Canyon is so special is its sandstone formations. Unlike other types of rock, sandstone is soft enough to be shaped by wind and water, resulting in the unique, undulating formations found throughout the canyon. These formations offer a variety of climbing routes, from the easy and beginner-friendly... Read More

Eldorado Canyon’s Hidden Treasures: Discovering its Breathtaking Streams

November 11th, 2023

One of the most enchanting aspects of Eldorado Canyon State Park that adds to its allure is the presence of meandering streams that gracefully wind their way through the park’s picturesque landscape. These crystal-clear streams, nurtured by the melting snow from the majestic peaks above, create a soothing melody as they gently flow over smooth rocks and pebbles. The streams act as lifelines, breathing life into the diverse flora and fauna that thrive in this natural haven. As visitors follow the trails alongside these enchanting waterways, they are treated to a symphony of sights and sounds.... Read More

Boulder is home to some of the World’s Best climbing sites

October 27th, 2023

Boulder residents are nothing if not adventurous, and with a slew of jagged peaks, soaring canyons, and other beautiful natural features just begging to be conquered, rock climbing is a popular pastime. We found five great places to get in a killer climb for those adventurous spirits. 1.  Eldorado Canyon Eldorado Canyon, a state park just south of Boulder, offers hundreds of routes up 700-foot cliffs. Climb along south-facing routes in the springtime, and beat the heat in the summer by finding shaded routes. This park can get crowded on weekends, so go early to get your climb on! 2. The Flatirons You’ve... Read More

Rocking the Rockies: Boulder’s World-Class Climbing Scene

September 23rd, 2023
rule of thirds photography of man climbing mountain

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, a dedicated climber finds themselves drawn to the rugged beauty of Boulder, Colorado, for a singular reason – the world-class rock climbing opportunities it offers. With a passionate spirit and an unquenchable thirst for adventure, they embark on a journey that takes them to the very precipice of human potential. Their days begin with the first light of dawn, as they pack their climbing gear with meticulous care. Boulder’s unique allure lies in its diverse landscape, from towering granite cliffs to ancient sandstone formations. Each climb presents... Read More

Eldorado Canyon State Park at 5,682 Feet: Outdoor Pic of the Day Captures its Natural Beauty

August 11th, 2023

The Colorado State Park system includes Eldorado Canyon State Park. It was founded in 1978 and is situated in Boulder County, close to the city of Boulder. The park is divided into two sections: Inner Canyon and Crescent Meadows. The park is 885 acres (3.6 km2) in size and offers a variety of recreational options. Eldorado Canyon is home to one of the most accessible and extensive rock climbing sites in the world. This state park is only available throughout the day, and visitors are expected to leave before dusk.  Read More

Eldorado Canyon State Park: A Scenic Haven for Hiking, Rock Climbing, and More!

July 25th, 2023

Eldorado Canyon State Park, located just a short drive from Boulder, Colorado, is a hidden gem of natural beauty. The park boasts stunning rock formations, challenging hiking trails, and a beautiful stream that runs through the heart of the canyon. One of the most striking features of Eldorado Canyon State Park is the South Boulder Creek, a clear and cold mountain stream that meanders through the canyon. The creek is home to a variety of fish, including rainbow and brown trout, making it a popular destination for anglers. Visitors can wade in the stream, swim in its cool waters, or simply enjoy... Read More

Favorite Climbing Spots in Boulder

May 29th, 2023

Boulder Colorado is a fantastic place for climbers due to its diverse range of climbing opportunities, from sport climbing to bouldering and traditional climbing. The region offers a challenging and exciting environment for climbers of all skill levels, with routes that vary in difficulty and style. One of the main reasons that Boulder is such a popular climbing destination is the abundance of high-quality rock formations. The region boasts some of the most impressive and varied rock formations in the world, including granite spires, sandstone cliffs, and boulder fields. One of the favorite climbing... Read More

Boulder Climber at Eldorado Canyon State Park

May 3rd, 2023

Eldorado Canyon State Park is part of the Colorado State Park system. It was established in 1978 and is located in Boulder County near the city of Boulder.The park consists of two areas, the Inner Canyon (developed area) and Crescent Meadows (undeveloped area). The park encompasses 885 acres (3.6 km2) with a variety of recreation opportunities available. Eldorado Canyon is home to one of the world’s most accessible and comprehensive rock climbing areas. This state park is open during daylight hours only, visitors are expected to leave before dusk.  Read More

Boulder’s Top 3 Rated Hidden Gems

March 29th, 2023

There are numerous hidden gems to visit in Boulder. Here are the top three rated hidden gems in Boulder, Colorado according to the most recent Trip Advisor reviews: 1 – Eldorado Canyon – The Colorado State Park system includes Eldorado Canyon State Park. It was founded in 1978 and is situated in Boulder County, close to the city of Boulder. The park is 885 acres in size and offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Eldorado Canyon stands out as a destination for local rock climbers. The state park is well-known for its stunning sandstone walls, which are dotted with thousands... Read More

Why Boulder is a World-Class Rock Climbing Destination

March 14th, 2023

Boulder, Colorado is widely recognized as one of the premier destinations for rock climbing in the world. There are several factors that contribute to its reputation as a top rock climbing spot, including its diverse and challenging rock formations, the abundance of climbing routes, and a strong and supportive climbing community. One of the main reasons why Boulder is such a popular destination for rock climbers is the abundance of high-quality rock formations in the area. Boulder sits at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, which are characterized by large, jagged peaks and rocky outcroppings.... Read More