Welcome back AboutBoulder readers! Perhaps you hadn’t left, which I can appreciate and I thank you for your loyalty. Instead, I should say Welcome back Pay-it-Forward Fridays! After a small hiatus, every Friday starting from, well, today, we will be giving away FREE stuff.

Reader: But Dan, how can you afford this?

Dan: I’m not giving away free stuff silly, I am much too rich for that. Instead, it will be through the help of our wonderful community partners giving away free things on Fridays in the hopes that they start a Pay-It-Forward style movement across Boulder (You know, that movie with Kevin Spacey and that kid who sees dead people).

Reader: Well why didn’t you say the word FREE sooner? Who is it this week and what goodies do they have for me?
Dan: This week, our spotlight is the Boulder B-Cycle. The FREE PRIZE is a full year B-Cycle pass. Annual. 365 days. 125,600 minutes (Thank you Rent!). I will be giving a test at the end of this article so read closely.

Boulder B-Cycle is Boulder’s not-for-profit bike share system that allows everyone access to bicycles. With 38 stations and 250 bikes, you would have to be living under a rock to not have seen those cute little red bikes with the baskets parked at a corner somewhere near your neighborhood. B-Cycle is on track to double their trips from 2014, so this is a service that is growing at the same rate as a Python’s blood-milk filled heart after eating an enormous meal (Seriously, I mean it). If you are looking for more information for how the program runs, visit our friends at boulder.bcycle.com.

For those of you under said rock

For those of you under said rock

B-Cycle is found at some fantastic events, the upcoming 2015 Boulder CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL for one. If you are riding to this event (great for working off that beer weight as well as handy to avoid those pesky DUI’s) Boulder B-Cycle is sponsering a Bike Valet. So avoid that terrible, horrible, no good, very-rotten-parking situation and let B-Cycle valet your bike for the cost of a donation. These are the same guys/gals that previously teamed up with Boulder Housing Partners to get transport for those in need, so their heart (Not nearly as weird as that of a Python’s) is into helping the community of Boulder.

Reader: Ahem. Dude, you said a free Annual pass for Boulder B-Cycle. How do I get this?

Dan: Sheesh, keep your shirt on. For your chance to win a free Annual pass, we are looking for the COOLEST, AWESOMEST, MOST EPIC PHOTO OF YOU ON A B-CYCLE.
Take your photo in a crazy location. Wear something crazy on your B-Cycle. Have your dog ride your B-Cycle (stage the photo….do I really need to tell you not to let your dog ride a bike?). Dressed up like Pikachu? Awesome.

Take that photo and submit it to Scott@aboutboulder.com. Let me reiterate. Submit your wacky photo to Scott@aboutboulder.com of you on or around or with a B-Cycle. Our team will judge our favorite photos and decide on the winner. I have included the below photo as an example. As you can see, I have turned myself into a lovely young lady and took a picture of myself next to my B-Cycle.

Thanks Leah Jonker!

Thanks Leah Jonker!

First prize will receive an Annual pass for B-Cycle. Second and Third prize will win a snazzy B-Cycle trucker hat (ironic right!).



Any other photos that we think are awesome and exciting will be published along with the winning photos on our blog next week.

Too hard to do? Visit B-Cycle on Facebook and like their page. You won’t win anything, but youll get that wonderful doubling-of-your-heart feeling in your chest knowing you are supporting a non-profit initiative to promote a healthier, greener, bike friendlier, generally more awesome Boulder community.

Reader: Now where will you go?

Dan: I’m not sure. Somewhere out West to find another town in need. But I’ll be back someday, someday when you least expect it……more specifically, next week for more FREE STUFF for our PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY post.


Dan is the proud owner of a new bike and the sorriest Boulder beard you have ever seen