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Spheres of Influence in Boulder: The Playful Past of Perfect Shapes

While some of this is Boulder Blarney, the history of the circle as told here does contain some truth. The history of the circle experienced its most important moment sometime in the Third Century CE, or about 2800 years ago. 2024 years plus 300 years. That’s when Archimedes first described some of the properties of the circle. After Archimedes first described some of the properties of the circle. After that a circle would no longer be “some round thing.”               Archimedes exploring the circle with his primitive compass

The circle of Archimedes, the name for the round flat thing he studied as well as the name of his cigar smoking club, was studied deeply including the distance around the outside of the circle, the circumference.

                    Circumference of the circle is the distance around the circle

He also studied the radius, the distance from the center to the outside of the circle. My “radius” illustration did not come out great so it is omitted here for the sake of art. HOWEVER, then came the sphere and color. Both were truly invented at Archimedes Cigar Smoking Club. Although the room was quite dark, since Edison had not yet invented the light bulb, and the Club members did not know they had invented color for some years when someone opened the curtains for the first time. Only then was the discovery of color revealed.

His study of the sphere was and is another critical development as the circle became more sophisticated. With the invention of color (everything used to be black and white) really cool illustrations for his books became possible. Sales increased radically, and so Archimedes had to invent Amazon to meet the demand for his math books.

Color Plate From Archimedes Printed With Methods Actually Unavailable At The Time.

With our better understanding of the sphere we were better able to understand the general shapes of the Earth and the Moon.Our understanding of just what was where may have been a tad confused, since we had a poor view of the back, dark side of the moon. Until Pink Floyd explained it, the Dark Side Of The Moon was not nearly as well understood.

Early understandings of the Earth-Moon Relationship Were A Bit Off The Track Of Accuracy. Perspective was still lasting.

As study continue, our understanding of the relationship of the local heavenly bodies improved, leading to our present view of the Earth. Colors are all accurate of course.  This advance knowledge of our planet led to some of the important accomplishments of the 15th Century, about 600 years ago. An Italian, Christopher Columbus, supported by Spain, set sail with some changes of sox, a brave crew, and the best tools at his disposal, Although the gps on his iPhone might have been useful, two problems immediately presented themselves. First, he left his phone home. Second, there would have been nowhere on the Santa Marie, the largest of the three ship in his fleet, to charge his phone. In any event, the satellites that the gps relies upon were not yet dreamed of. That left a compass, an accurate time piece, and detailed oceanographic charts of the entire voyage. Except that there were no charts for this cruise known to the Spanish, and more important, known to Captain Columbus.                      Christopher Columbus Taking a Break From Navigating To Pose For A Portrait.

If you believe all of this, please seek remedial help immediately. I do tutoring. Otherwise, note that some truth is mixed in.

This is Lensworth at Large, spreading misinformation about the four edges and seven corners of the Earth. Have a great Sunday!

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