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Sunrise Friday

As the sun comes up over the Boulder Flatirons it casts the red of the morning sun on the Flatirons, from top to bottom as it rises. Getting up early is worthwhile. I find that the Boulder sunrises are more spectacular than the sunsets.

I know for a fact that dogs (at least one of them) love watching beautiful scenery. Falkor, a border collie mix from Longmont Humane, especially like watching out the car window and looking at the views from overlooks in Rocky Mountain National Park. One day she was perched with her front paws on a low rock wall surveying the view spread before her. She stayed there looking on in wonder. A busload of German tourists spent at least a half hour photographing Falkor, looking at the view, wearing her small backpacks. She made quite a sight!

Even CHATgpt recognizes that dogs are fascinated by great views:

“Dogs do appear to enjoy looking at scenery. Their interest in their surroundings is often driven by their keen senses, especially sight and smell. While dogs may not appreciate scenery in the same aesthetic way humans do, they are often curious about new environments and stimulated by the sights, sounds, and smells of different places. This curiosity can manifest as a dog looking intently at a view, as it provides mental stimulation and can be an enjoyable experience for them.” CHATgpt 6/21/2024

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