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Visit Rock and Resole For Your Climbing Shoe Needs!

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Staff Outside of Rock and Resole in Boulder

The sun is shining, snow has melted and temperatures are reaching into the 70’s. This means spring and summer are upon us, which in turn means the season for rock climbing is back in full swing!

Whether you want to try rock climbing for the first time, or you’re a veteran climber, Rock and Resole is the place for you to visit. They can supply you with your first pair of climbing shoes, or they can fix a pair of climbing shoes you already own.

Colby Rickard and Sally Gilman are the owners of Rock and Resole. Rickard worked for the previous owners, who opened shop in 1989. He bought the business from them in May 2014 when they retired.

Rock and Resole has grown exponentially since Rickard and Gilman took over.

“We put a big emphasis on customer service, and that’s been a major reason that we have grown,” Gilman said.

Rock and Resole has a storefront in Boulder where you can shop for new climbing shoes, especially if you’re new and not sure what to buy. Employees have years of experience and know how to help you choose the shoes that are right for you and your skill level.

The business has another location where they repair the shoes. Gilman said they’ve crafted a really good technique for resoling climbing shoes, which sets them apart from other climbing shoe businesses. They resole all types, including the edgeless shoe, which is rare to find.

“We’re the authorized dealers of these types of shoes,” Gilman explained.

They also replace toecaps. However, as their website suggests, you should send them your climbing shoes as soon as the sole starts to disappear. This will reduce the need for caps, which means your shoes will last longer and will feel the same on your feet.

Rickard and Gilman are both rock climbers and are passionate about the industry. When asked what Gilman’s favorite local climb is, she said “It depends on my mood!” But she did mention that she loves climbing at Rocky Mountain National Park.

You can stop into their storefront in Boulder at 2500 47th Street, Unit 1, or you can visit their website to purchase shoes. Bring your shoes into the shop when needing them resoled, or ship them right to the store. Learn more about all that Rock and Resole offers by visiting www.rockandresole.com.

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