Meet Sean! Sean is a local author that has been living in Boulder. under the pen name S.G. Greene, self-published his science fiction novel, The Sun Eater: In the Shadow of a Mountain.

A project he started while living in Connecticut in March of 2014, The Sun Eater was born out of Sean’s struggle with insomnia.

Long, sleepless nights, paired with Sean’s vast imagination, coupled to produce a science fiction thriller about a group of childhood friends that stumble upon a malevolent, alien war-lord who has made an unexpected stop in the woods of their small east-cost town.  In order to save their town, the boys must put their extravagant graduation party plans on hold, and do whatever it takes to stop the alien war-lord from taking over planet Earth.

Sean draws inspiration for his own writing from a variety of sources.  The writings of renowned sci-fi / horror writers such as Stephen King and Arthur C. Clark are one of Sean’s major inspirations.  But, it is apparent from the wall-to-wall bookshelves in his writing space, full of graphic novels, movies, and collectables from all of the well-known sci-fi series of our generation and beyond, that Sean is purely a sci-fi and fantasy fanatic.

And it shows in his writing.  Employing literary techniques such as dramatic irony and basing the characters and setting for the book on his own childhood friends and home, add a personal layer to the character development of both the boys and the alien monster.