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landscape photo of snowy mountain

Boulder Weather: Whether Lensworth is a Fool or a Tourist!

  Fact or Fancy? Avalanche or Anticipation? I think we get a PILE of Precipitation!  I am not licensed to be a meteorologist or any other type of ologist. As a Boulderite and a Buff,  I can’t be a tourist, so I am by definition a fool. No shockers there. Only fools and tourist predict […]

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Boulder’s Snowfall Patterns: The Impact of Climate Change

  Boulder’s Future? Not If We Can Help It! Climate change has become a pressing issue, with its effects being felt worldwide. In Boulder, Colorado, a region known for its picturesque snowfall, the impact of climate change on snowfall patterns has been a topic of concern. Understanding how climate change is altering Boulder’s snowfall patterns […]

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Boulder Blizzard? Definitely Not! Maybe.

  Weak Fern Wall. ?                     pic Lenny Lensworth Frieling Boulder Blizzard Imminent? Perhaps not. What’s missing? For one, a nicely defined long “fern wall.” This hot dog shaped cloud runs North and South between the Front Range and the Continental Divide. To me, fhis possible fern wall, to this fool’s eyes, looks weak and disorganized. […]

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Forecasting Boulder’s Winter: Lenworth’s Chilling Revelation

Boulderites KNOW that only fools and tourists predict Boulder weather. That used to be true. I believe or at least strongly suspect that the extreme weather we’ve been seeing worldwide is the result in most significant part of climate change. Floods, rains, high temps, low temps, snow amounts, glaciers melting, and on and on. Short […]

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