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Boulder Weather: Whether Lensworth is a Fool or a Tourist!


landscape photo of snowy mountain

Fact or Fancy? Avalanche or Anticipation? I think we get a PILE of Precipitation!  I am not licensed to be a meteorologist or any other type of ologist.

As a Boulderite and a Buff,  I can’t be a tourist, so I am by definition a fool. No shockers there. Only fools and tourist predict the weather in Boulder.   I’m going to predict the weather. DISCLAIMER: nothing in this blog is to be taken as a prediction  of the weather.

vehicles covered in snow

The following sentence is WRONG. It is based upon a weather map that was at least an hour old. I do not see an upslope storm, is WRONG. NOW I do see an upslope with an extra front. Interesting. Winter storm warning for the mountains, foothills, and out to DIA. A “double-fronted upslope downslope winter walloping.

I suspect that we may be in for a real storm. Remember that historically, March and April our our biggest snow months. I do anticipate that the official prediction of the hour of onset is either right or it’s wrong. Or the colors on the weather map will all go away. I’m thinking that the map will stay colorful and thats this is a real storm.

Government Forecast.gov sounds quite deadly serious! And I quote:

Heavy snow will develop over the mountains and in the Front Range
foothills this afternoon. Showers and thunderstorms will spread
off the mountains onto the nearby plains in the late afternoon
hours. Initially, the snow level will be between 6 and 7 thousand
feet. Road conditions will deteriorate quickly in the Front Range
mountains and foothills in the mid to late afternoon hours. Lower
elevations will start with rain, but the snow level will lower to
5000 feet by mid evening. In Denver, Douglas county, and in areas
near the foothills, rain will change to heavy snow over a few
hours during the evening, with roads becoming slushy due to heavy
snowfall rates of up to 3 inches per hour. Overnight a steady
moderate to heavy snow is expected in and near the foothills, with
rain changing to light snow in area further east.

Plan on difficult to impossible travel after late afternoon in
the Front Range mountains and foothills, and after mid evening
along the I-25 Corridor. After these times, only travel in and
emergency, and be sure to take along a winter survival kit in case
you become stranded.
person walking on snow field near mountain range

Stay Safe!

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