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Boulder Mall After a Snow

March 15th, 2024

  Boulderites are not afraid of the weather. After all, it only means we have to dress differently. As soon as the snow stop, the sun comes out and so to the Boulderites.  There are two temperatures in the winter. One, we call “warm.” It is over 35 deg F., 1 deg C, calm and sunny. Then there is cold. If we lose the sun or the calm, it is cold. Temperature does not matter much. Lenny Lensworth Frieling Shared Knowledge is Power!  Read More

Boulder Weather: Whether Lensworth is a Fool or a Tourist!

March 13th, 2024
landscape photo of snowy mountain

  Fact or Fancy? Avalanche or Anticipation? I think we get a PILE of Precipitation!  I am not licensed to be a meteorologist or any other type of ologist. As a Boulderite and a Buff,  I can’t be a tourist, so I am by definition a fool. No shockers there. Only fools and tourist predict the weather in Boulder.   I’m going to predict the weather. DISCLAIMER: nothing in this blog is to be taken as a prediction  of the weather. The following sentence is WRONG. It is based upon a weather map that was at least an hour old. I do not see an upslope storm, is WRONG. NOW I do see... Read More

Boulder’s Snowfall Patterns: The Impact of Climate Change

March 7th, 2024
2 women in white shorts running on white sand beach during daytime

  Boulder’s Future? Not If We Can Help It! Climate change has become a pressing issue, with its effects being felt worldwide. In Boulder, Colorado, a region known for its picturesque snowfall, the impact of climate change on snowfall patterns has been a topic of concern. Understanding how climate change is altering Boulder’s snowfall patterns is crucial for the community and the environment. Rising Temperatures and Reduced Snowfall Boulder’s snowfall patterns have been significantly affected by rising temperatures attributed to climate change. Warmer temperatures lead to... Read More

Boulder Blizzard? Definitely Not! Maybe.

March 7th, 2024

  Weak Fern Wall. ?                     pic Lenny Lensworth Frieling Boulder Blizzard Imminent? Perhaps not. What’s missing? For one, a nicely defined long “fern wall.” This hot dog shaped cloud runs North and South between the Front Range and the Continental Divide. To me, fhis possible fern wall, to this fool’s eyes, looks weak and disorganized. Perhaps that indicates a weaker storm. Our biggest storms are almost always “upslope” snow storms. That means that instead of the storm coming down the front range from the North, it circles... Read More

Boulder’s Guide to Winter Driving: 5 Key Tips for Safe Navigation on Snowy and Icy Roads

February 27th, 2024
a black jeep driving down a snow covered road

Driving in Boulder, Colorado: Top 5 Tips for Navigating Snowy and Icy Roads Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder, Colorado is a picturesque city known for its scenic beauty and vibrant outdoor culture. However, with its unique geography comes a specific set of challenges, especially when it comes to driving in the winter. Boulder’s elevation, combined with its hilly terrain, can make for treacherous driving conditions when snow and ice coat the roads. To help you navigate these conditions safely, here are the top five driving tips for Boulder’s snowy season. 1. Understand... Read More

Never Longs Gone, Late Sunrise on Longs Peak

January 24th, 2024

Let’s open with an early sunrise picture, and then progress to Longs a little later in the morning. I have observed that even after 49 years of seeing Longs Peak and the front range/divide, it never looks the same. The light changes. The clouds change. The mountains uplift (although that does not change much day-to-day), and in short, if you look, if you notice, the view is NEVER the same. With Longs Peak such a dominant feature in our Boulder Mountain Backdrop it is our perpetual Mother Mountain. Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) in Colorado is a beacon for mountaineers and nature enthusiasts,... Read More


January 16th, 2024
Flowers and Fruits on a Table

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Snow Shoveling Controversy in Boulder with Surround Sound Shovels

January 16th, 2024

I am sensitive to snow shoveling in Boulder. My Grandmother taught that if you did not have a strong brain you’d better have strong legs. I have weak thighs!  I have to rely upon my brain. Some think that presents me with a huge hurdle.  I have experienced some rather dramatic health challenges, and at 72 I have to treat myself as being a person at higher risk for a cardio-vascular event. So for me, snow shoveling presents several hazards. First, at 72 with health issues, shoveling can be dangerous (not difficult, just dangerous) in several ways. Obviously, snow varies. It can be dry powder... Read More


January 15th, 2024
Dog Wearing Crochet Scarf With Fringe While Sitting on Snow Selective Focus Photography

We’ve been talking about  Boulder “cold” for days. NOW it is going to get really cold! Is “cold” reality or merely clothing? Is cold a matter of degrees on a thermometer or is it something more? Stay WARM! Keep your family WARM! May the wind be over your port bow, and may your sunscreen be thick. AND may your down jacket be warm <G>  Read More

Dog Sled Teams In Boulder?

January 15th, 2024

Dog sled teams are perhaps uncommon in Boulder, but if the present weather continues, we may be seeing many more of them. Dogsleds, a mode of transportation primarily used in snowy, Arctic regions, have a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Originally developed by indigenous peoples of the Arctic, including the Inuit and the Sami, dogsleds were essential for travel, hunting, and communication across the frozen landscapes. The design of a traditional dogsled is simple yet highly functional. It typically consists of a wooden frame, with runners that glide over the snow. The sled is... Read More