Wednesday - May 29, 2024

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Boulder’s Banded Clouds!

May 11th, 2024

Notice the higher banded clous and then the lower cumulus rounded clouds. It was the contrast between the two and the heavy banding that caught my attention. Taken from a red light through the windshield, a technique I do NOT recommend and which I would not admit. There are some basic rules (which have exception) for legal survival. First “never confess.” Exception require great skill.  So take a picture through a windshield, no problem. Take it through a windshield at a red light? Begging for trouble. e What “makeup? kit does nature use to create the endless varieties of clouds?... Read More

Sundown Thursday Sunrise

January 25th, 2024

  As always, the lighting on the mountains  and the lighting on clouds is never the same. If we insist on being technical, this is a sunrise, not a sunset. BUT I love the image. And if a reader were to see this in the morning, Friday morning for example, then we’d have the sun coming up at sunrise. That is just the type of astonishing coincidences that intrigue me. I mean what are the chances that the sun will rise daily, and that this daily event will occur, with astonishing regularity, at sunrise?. What are the odds??? Welcome to another Friday! Friday has to be, for so many of us,... Read More

Sunday Sunrise Surprise

January 21st, 2024

Sunday Sunrise Spectacular! The Boulder sunrise red can take over the sky! I suspect it is a physiological-sociological phenomenon. If sunrises were not often beautiful, uplifting, inspiring, and colorful, as well as accompanied by coffee, would we ever get out of bed in the morning? Of course we would! But it would not be as easy, would not be as fun, and would certainly not be as colorful! Color For Our Coffee And Boulder is treated to another glorious sunrise, laying down a red carpet for the day to stroll in on! The interplay between color and mood is a fascinating aspect of human perception,... Read More

Boulder Contrails, Clouds and Colors of Sunset

January 17th, 2024

The  Boulder Colorado sky of the setting sun, lighting up our clouds with beauty and contrails.  Photo Debi Dodge Contrails, short for condensation trails, are the visible trails of water vapor or ice crystals that form behind aircraft flying at high altitudes. Their appearance is a common sight in the sky, often seen as long, thin white lines that can vary significantly in appearance. Understanding the factors that influence their formation and the reasons behind their diverse appearances involves a blend of meteorology, aerodynamics, and physics. Unusual Contrails at Sunset Over The Front... Read More

11 Hiking Tips that will Make your Friends Think that You are the Greatest Outdoorsman Since Bear Grylls

June 8th, 2023

Hiking is one of Boulder’s best activities. It’s a great way to get outside, see some sights, and catch up on the latest gossip with some friends. Nature is unpredictable though, and hikers must always be prepared for everything. That’s why I’ve prepared a list of hiking tips. 1. Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is absolutely key for hiking. Dehydration causes headaches and altitude sickness, which are the last two things you want to encounter on a trail. Another thing that you don’t want is Giardia, which is a very unpleasant infection that will force you to get comfortable... Read More