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Boulder’s Banded Clouds!

Notice the higher banded clous and then the lower cumulus rounded clouds. It was the contrast between the two and the heavy banding that caught my attention. Taken from a red light through the windshield, a technique I do NOT recommend and which I would not admit.

There are some basic rules (which have exception) for legal survival. First “never confess.” Exception require great skill.  So take a picture through a windshield, no problem. Take it through a windshield at a red light? Begging for trouble. e

What “makeup? kit does nature use to create the endless varieties of clouds? Here’s a list of the manor factors.

Cloud appearances vary due to several factors, including:1. .Altitude**: Clouds form at different heights in the atmosphere, leading to varied types and appearances:
– High-level clouds** (cirrus, cirrostratus, cirrocumulus) are usually thin and wispy.
– Mid-level clouds** (altostratus, altocumulus) tend to be thicker and may cover more sky.
– Low-level clouds** (stratus, stratocumulus) are often dense and can create overcast conditions.
– Clouds with vertical development** (cumulus, cumulonimbus) can appear towering and are associated with thunderstorms.

2. Temperature and Humidity**: These affect cloud formation and characteristics:
– Warm, humid air can create tall, fluffy clouds (cumulus).
– Cooler, drier air often results in thin, wispy clouds (cirrus).

3. Air Stability**: The stability of the atmosphere influences cloud shapes:
– **Stable air** leads to widespread, layered clouds (stratus).
– **Unstable air** promotes the development of towering clouds (cumulonimbus).

4. Wind Patterns**: Wind can shape clouds, stretching them into different formations:
– Strong winds** can create elongated, streaky clouds (cirrus).
– Light winds** allow for more rounded, fluffy clouds (cumulus).

5. Air Pressure**: Changes in air pressure can lead to various cloud formations:air pressure** often results in rising air and cloud formation.
– High pressure** typically leads to descending air and clearer skies.

6. Interaction with Terrain**: Mountains and other terrain features can force air to rise, forming specific cloud types (orographic clouds).

7. Presence of Particles**: Dust, pollen, and pollutants can serve as nuclei for cloud droplets, influencing cloud density and appearance.

8.  Daytime Heating**: Solar heating during the day can cause clouds to form or dissipate, changing their appearance over time.

These factors combine lto create the diverse and dynamic cloud formations we observe and study in the sky.

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

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