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Boulder, Spring, and Irises: A Long and Colorful History

I might think I know what I’m going to blog about. Then I look out and see something like this iris. This one is pretty crazy. All other thoughts go to the sidelines, and only this one flower fills my cerebral cortex. No color mixing here! These are colors straight from the tube a la […]

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Boulder’s Motivation Monday: Our Spring Palette Unveiled!

‘Tis the season to smell the Boulder flowers! While flower pics may cheer us during short winter days, it is hard to compete with the beauty and fragrance of lilacs in the Spring. Lilacs are in full bloom, and the perfume permeates the Boulder air. Flowering trees astonish us with the sheer mass of their […]

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Red-orange-yellow On The Palette and Everywhere in Boulder and Beyond

A combination of red, yellow and orange in particular hues reoccurs. In Boulder and everywhere! For many reasons, this color combination finds its way into animals, plants, flowers, sunsets, and more. This blog will be picture-centric. The text is secondary, and what I am sharing is just a few of the places where this color […]

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Sundown Thursday Sunrise

  As always, the lighting on the mountains  and the lighting on clouds is never the same. If we insist on being technical, this is a sunrise, not a sunset. BUT I love the image. And if a reader were to see this in the morning, Friday morning for example, then we’d have the sun […]

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Sunday Sunrise Surprise

Sunday Sunrise Spectacular! The Boulder sunrise red can take over the sky! I suspect it is a physiological-sociological phenomenon. If sunrises were not often beautiful, uplifting, inspiring, and colorful, as well as accompanied by coffee, would we ever get out of bed in the morning? Of course we would! But it would not be as […]

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Boulder Contrails, Clouds and Colors of Sunset

The  Boulder Colorado sky of the setting sun, lighting up our clouds with beauty and contrails.  Photo Debi Dodge Contrails, short for condensation trails, are the visible trails of water vapor or ice crystals that form behind aircraft flying at high altitudes. Their appearance is a common sight in the sky, often seen as long, […]

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Boulder Sun Rises in Glorious Shades of Black and White

The black and white photograph of the Boulder Flatirons at sunrise is a captivating portrayal of nature’s splendor, capturing the essence of this iconic landmark in a timeless medium. In this awe-inspiring image, the Flatirons, those distinctive rock formations near Boulder, Colorado, are silhouetted against the emerging light of the rising sun, creating a dramatic […]

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