Sunday - June 16th, 2024

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Play It Forward!

I did manage to get a few notes from the saxophone. After begging for even those few notes. I realized  that this would never be within my skill set. To put it bluntly, my blow sucked. The sax and related accoutrements remained sitting unused. Finally I decided to make the generally modest instrument go away. […]

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Fido Friday For ALL DOGS!

It should come as no surprise to any Boulderite that Boulder Canines are huge LADY BUFF fans! And while we will be gracious hosts as would be expected of Boulder, UCLA will leave town having lost to the Lady Buffs. They’ll leave with their tails between their legs, like lost abandoned dogs. No disparagement to […]

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Thanksgiving Yoga: Happy Selves, Happy Cells

The cells in our bodies regenerate at different rates; in our hips, the cells completely regenerate about every seven years. As emotional centers, our hips store a lot of information including feelings, emotions, experiences, and relationships. Seven years. That’s seven years of family meetings. Seven Thanksgivings. Seven years of table time with family or friends. […]

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