The cells in our bodies regenerate at different rates; in our hips, the cells completely regenerate about every seven years. As emotional centers, our hips store a lot of information including feelings, emotions, experiences, and relationships.

Seven years. That’s seven years of family meetings. Seven Thanksgivings. Seven years of table time with family or friends.

Take that how you will. This could be exciting or concerning news.

No matter what the past seven years’ worth of cells in your hips might tell you, you’re always regenerating cells, so you can start creating happy emotional centers for the next seven years starting right now.

gratitude banner

photo credit: Samantha Lawrence

This Thanksgiving, wherever you are, do something that will make your cells (and your Self) happy:

  • Start a personal gratitude practice (you can do this every day, not just Thanksgiving)
  • Give back: offer your time or money to a trusted organization
  • Play the gratitude game around the table: each person names something that happened in the past year that’s brag-worthy, something they’re currently grateful for, and something they hope to bring into the world in the next year
  • Dose yourself with oxytocin: Pet dogs, hug people, play with kids