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How Coach Prime is Inspiring Boulder’s Youth

As a parent of a first-year student at CU, I have experienced both the joy and the pain of sending my child into the world. (Please refer to the last article, Sending Your 18 Year Old Into The World). My daughter, Summer, has always been my sunshine, and I was proud of her for choosing […]

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Unveiling the Extraordinary: A Journey of Youth Empowerment at Playa Puertecito: Boulder to Baja EmpowerGen Adventure Series

Last week, we embarked on an unforgettable adventure to Playa Puertecito, a place where the magnificence of turquoise waters merges with the enchantment of nature. Read last week’s article written on the land here.  As we continue to explore the profound connections and transformative experiences that unfold in this remarkable sanctuary, we are reminded of […]

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“I’ll Get Up For Dolphins!” Unveiling the EmpowerGen Boulder to Baja Adventure Series

Embarking on a Journey of Co-Creation: Join the Playa Puertecito Adventure! Get ready for an exhilarating storytelling journey as we unveil a multi-part series within the EmpowerGen column, showcasing the extraordinary “Boulder to Baja” adventure of cultural exchange, innovation, and sustainable living. Building upon the inspiring stories of youth changemakers featured in our previous articles, […]

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Gen Z: Rising Up for Climate Action and a Sustainable Future - AboutBoulder.com

Gen Z: Rising Up for Climate Action and a Sustainable Future

Hey everyone, it’s Summer here, and I’m super excited to dive into this week’s EmpowerGen column! Today, let’s talk about something close to my heart: the incredible role that my generation, Gen Z, is playing in climate action. We’re not just sitting back and watching; we’re rolling up our sleeves and making a real difference. […]

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