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Boulder Butterfly Bonus Bonanza: Flitting Flitillary & Spring Azure

pic Gwen Dordick Fritillary! These butterflies remind me of the finch. There are a plethora of types of fritillary, as there are pages of different finches in the bird ID books. They share a common challenge. Most look about the same. Google ID, generally amazing, was great in ID’ing this as a “fritillary,” and different […]

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Boulder Food as Flower and Flower as Food

The cycle of a flower and fruit’s life is integral to the beauty we watch as flowers form form buds, develop into flowers, yield fruit, and finally reach the end of their life cycle as drying color and dropping petals.                                                An Iris in full bloom, with the inner working plainly visible The life cycle […]

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Boulder, Spring, and Irises: A Long and Colorful History

I might think I know what I’m going to blog about. Then I look out and see something like this iris. This one is pretty crazy. All other thoughts go to the sidelines, and only this one flower fills my cerebral cortex. No color mixing here! These are colors straight from the tube a la […]

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Seven Boulder Spring Outdoor Maintenance Tasks

Maintaining your Boulder house in spring is a great way to ensure it stays in good condition and to prevent potential problems from becoming major issues. Here are seven spring house maintenance tips, including important inspections: 1. Gutter and Downspout Cleaning: Remove leaves, twigs, and any other debris that has accumulated in your gutters and […]

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