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Boulder Flowers – Pretty Evil: Purple Loosestrife

I love our parks. The open spaces in and around Boulder are part of what makes it such a special place. We live in a beautiful bubble; open forested foothills to our west, gradual open slopes to our north, and thriving farms and grasslands to our south and east. Many Boulderites know that the open […]

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Community Growth Through Community Gardens

School is coming to a close, the weather is warming up, summer is on its way. For many of us in Boulder this means enjoying the sunshine as much as possible, whether it be through extreme hiking and climbing or just some good old fashioned lounging. If you’re looking for a novel way to reconnect […]

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day

I’m with Neil, who is the co owner of Tangles Salon in North Boulder. Her and her business partner opened Tangles in 2009 after  working at another salon for 24 years. Neil has been in Boulder since 1977 from Madison, WI where she attended beauty school and started working. She came to Boulder to escape […]

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Coffee for Your Garden & Your Skin

When I was a barista in Brooklyn, I remember a customer asking for the café’s unwanted coffee grounds for his home composting. We had tons of it—leftover from the espresso grinder and from making drip coffee—filling up our trashcans so we were happy to pass some on to him. Recycling coffee grounds into your compost […]

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