The view from the Hickory Community Garden site.

School is coming to a close, the weather is warming up, summer is on its way. For many of us in Boulder this means enjoying the sunshine as much as possible, whether it be through extreme hiking and climbing or just some good old fashioned lounging. If you’re looking for a novel way to reconnect with your sun drenched self, you might consider checking out one of Boulder’s brightest gems, its community garden system.

Boulder County is home to 12 community garden sites, eight of which are located within the city limits. Growing Gardens, the organization responsible for the garden spaces, is a non-profit dedicated to the enrichment of the Boulder community through local and responsible agriculture. These 530 garden plots allow community members to grow their own produce and exercise their green thumbs within Boulder. Participants in the program are able to engage in and build on the culture of local, sustainable agriculture while enjoying a piece of community that urban life can often lack. These gardening spaces are in high demand, but while there may be a waiting list fear not! It’s relatively simple to sign up for a spot. You’ll be plucking tomatoes in the shade of your oversized sunhat in no time.

If you don’t want to wait for a garden space or just want to experience the gardening scene sans commitment, Growing Gardens offers a number of programs and classes ranging from horticultural therapy to kids day camps.  Are you a beginner gardener looking for a way to get started? Sign up for a class that will teach you the basics of running a garden. Interested in beekeeping? There’s a class for that too. Make this summer the season you reconnect with your self-sufficient roots. Get outside and eat some tasty produce in the process.

Pro-tip: Want to check it out in person? Visit Growing Garden’s community plant sale this weekend, May 14th & 15th, or next weekend, May 21st & 22nd.