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Boulder’s Baseline Road: The 40th Parallel, Latitude, and Not Being Lost

    As one traverses the scenic landscapes of Boulder, Colorado, the term ‘Baseline’ frequently emerges in conversations and local lore. This seemingly unassuming name holds a deep historical and geographical significance that reflects the unique character of this vibrant city. Let’s delve into the captivating history and meaning behind the name ‘Baseline’ in Boulder, […]

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3 Inspired, Innovative, Boulder-Based Inventions

Maybe you already know that the comfortable (and allegedly edible) innovation; the Crocs shoe, was created in Boulder County. Today we’re checking out some less explosive, but equally clever, Boulder-based inventions. This is one smart city, and the products created here prove it! Nimbus Cloud Dome The Nimbus Cloud Dome is a deceptively simple invention created by Boulder […]

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Measuring the Moment, One Billionth at a Time – Boulder’s NIST

Ask someone exactly how long one second is, and you’re likely to get a smirk. If pressed, many might rely on the “one-Mississippi” trick from their hide-and-seek days. Others might claim an innate sense of it, as though they’re a minor—if punctual—X-Men style mutant. But, honestly, most would look at their smartphone. Ask the right […]

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