Monday - October 15, 2018

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Four Out of Five Fitness Experts Recommend Walking for Exercise

April 26th, 2018

A recent article in the journal The Conversation, asked the question “Is walking enough exercise?”  Four out of five experts said yes. The one expert who said no, qualified his response by saying that walking is better than no exercise at all. He goes on to point out that, ideally, strength training and higher intensity exercise is ideal for good health. While strength training and higher intensity exercise along with moderate exercise is the ideal situation for many, the National Runners’ Health Study found that moderate-intensity walking and vigorous-intensity running resulted in similar... Read More

Predictors of Heart Disease You Might Not Know

April 11th, 2017

We all know the risk factors for heart disease – using tobacco, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle. These risks get a lot of play in the media, because they have been identified as circumstances that can lead to narrowed or blocked blood vessels, the precursors to heart attack, stroke and other heart conditions. Science has made some new discoveries that allows it to predict your risk of heart disease, by identifying other, more obscure, factors that influence your risk of heart disease. Chronic Migraines. Everyone has had a tough headache before. Some may... Read More