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Rainbow Connections Volunteers Share Virtual Tea Amidst Pandemic

April 20th, 2020

Rainbow Connections is a program that was implemented in Boulder last year to bring older LGBTQ members into contact with younger people who share their identity. The members usually have tea together in residents’ homes, but this was cut short with the stay-at-home order. Instead, two volunteers have taken to doing virtual tea to ensure that these members of the community do not become socially isolated. “(Rainbow Connections) is insurance against becoming more isolated,” Neumann, a volunteer at Rainbow Connections, said. “It’s helpful in maintaining one’s mental health. You get... Read More

A Celebration of Love: Boulder Prideweek

September 13th, 2016

This week, we celebrated love. The Boulder Pridefest, held last weekend, wrapped up a week of much needed love and support.  After such a trying year for the LGBTQ community, the city came together to celebrate the freedom to love one another. For Victoria Brozek, a festival goer and self-proclaimed “hella gay participant,” Pridefest is, “inspiring in the way that the community comes together to celebrate different gender identities, relationships, and ways of life.” She adds that, “having [that] support is so important, especially when it may not be coming from other places.” Many... Read More