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FLASHBACK: From Boulder High Music Teacher to Award Winning Beer Entrepreneur

June 21st, 2023

Inspiration can connect the most far-fetched or opposite ideas and come from the most unlikely of places. To give it further jolt, necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Put the two together and see what curious results give light. So, let’s play a little trivia. What do Boulder High School and beer brewing have in common? No, I’m not talking about teenage alcoholism so cross that snarky answer off the list. What they do both have in common are some interesting ties through both historical and modern day Boulder in a unique way: Crystal Springs Brewing Company. Some people search their... Read More

What Classifies a Craft Brew?

June 18th, 2022

“What makes a craft brew, a craft brew?” I innocently asked. The man looked at me, as if I were still in high school, barely old enough to drink a soda, let alone a beer. He replied, with a perplexed look on his face, “As long as you produce less beer than Sam Adams, you’re considered a craft brewery.” I thought to myself, “Seriously?” Now, I don’t recall where I was (it was one of those nights), but I was speaking to a Boulder beer aficionado, or so I thought. This idea of what classifies a craft brew slipped my mind, until a recent argument over... Read More

POSTing Up in Boulder

June 6th, 2020

Have you guys tried the Post Brewing Company’s location in Boulder? I have! And, it’s now one of my favorite hangouts in town. Hot Chicken Loves Cold Beer, what more is needed to entice you?! The poultry and pilsners are calling your name! I was lucky enough to heed that beckoning, and make the Grand Opening on Thursday, November 2nd. The place was bumping, filled with boisterous people ready for a brew. An unbelievable atmosphere with unbelievable employees. Lead brewmaster, Nick Tedeschi, and head chef, Brett Smith, make a mean duo. Their combo of pipin’ hot chicken and quality... Read More

Not Going To Ski This Weekend? Try Coordinating A Bike Brewery Tour Instead!

March 12th, 2016

I think we can all agree that we have been blessed with some amazing weather these past few weeks in Boulder. It’s not often that you catch weeks in a row of temperatures in the 60s – 70s. All of a sudden, we have a Boulder winter with options! It’s March and we don’t have to resort to sitting in endless traffic on the way to ski or snowboard every weekend, instead, we can stay in town, we can leave our homes without wearing one million layers, we can hike, we can bike… the list goes on and on. Next weekend, I have a couple of friends coming into town and, speaking of biking, their trip... Read More

J Wells Brewery: Putting the ‘Micro’ in ‘Microbrewery’

March 8th, 2015
J Wells Brewery Boulder

Think about the biggest brewery you have ever been to. For many Coloradans, that answer is pretty easy: just take Highway 93 from Boulder to Golden. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. The Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado has a brewing capacity of some 13 million barrels annually, which comes out to something like 410 million gallons of beer. Holy alcohol, Batman! Okay, maybe that’s a little too big to conceive. Consider, then, the largest microbrewery you’ve been to. New Belgium? Sam Adams? Avery? While still at only a fraction of the global production that MillerCoors pumps... Read More