Thursday - July 25th, 2024

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A Boulder Baby Bunny: Admiring Tulips!

In Boulder even a baby bunny stops to admire the Spring Flowers! This little guy is about five inches, 13 centimeters, end-to-end. While the flowers are beautiful, the bunny is  almost as cute as it gets. Our own babies are about the only thing cuter! Lenny Lensworth Frieling (pics by Lensworth) Shared Knowledge Is Power!

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The Birds of Boulder’s Backyards: Feathered Gazes Grab Us!

  You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?  Robert De Niro, Taxi Driver When I take pictures of Boulder Birds my goal is to capture feeling. I want emotion in the pictures. I want to pull the viewer into the picture, to engage the viewer with the picture. Most often I do this by […]

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Boulder’s Lensworth At Large Spreading Misinformation

From Boulder, this is Lensworth At Large spreading misinformation about the four corners and seven edges of the earth. Today I’d like to chat about our abundance of cotton tail rabbits and the real risk that they present to the human population of Boulder. Even my Mother was afraid of rabbits. On the other hand […]

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Good Morning Boulder!

  Boulder wishes us a good morning! This vicious dangerous carnivorous rabbit is at home in the backyard.  Extreme caution is advised! Don’t say we did not warn you! This rabbit is so cute that a real and present danger is presented!   The Lesser Kudu also Wishes Us a Good Morning! The lesser kudu, […]

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