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Boulder Car Thefts Are On The RISE! 7 Ways To Go Home With Your Car

December 15th, 2023
cars parked in a tunnel

Boulder is a panacea, an island of sanity and adult behavior. BUT not everyone is willing or able to play well with others. Some of them sadly are thieves. I was able to gift my trainer of the past, a camera. Part of his living was taking pictures, and his camera was stolen from his car. He left it visible, and the window was smashed, camera stolen. He reached out to me to see if I might have the serial # of the stolen camera. Having represented people facing various theft charge, ranging from a child stealing gum to a racketeering case. In the big chart with all the pictures that we see... Read More

A Chance For An Energy Independent Future: Solar Roads

November 30th, 2014

On Wednesday November 12th in the Netherlands, Earth’s first road that generates electricity from sunlight was opened in the town of Krommenie according to CNN’s website. Officials from SolaRoad, the company that developed this solar roadway said that while this is currently only a test route the electricity generated can be used to power parts of the transportation system such as traffic lights and stops, but also homes. The Solar Roads can also be programmed for a vast amount of extra utility, and according to SolarRoadways.com there are vast benefits for using solar roadways in contrast... Read More

Facing the Flood

September 13th, 2013

It all began on Wednesday evening, around sundown, when the rain started dumping. Forget cats and dogs, this was lions and bears. I was heading back from a friend’s house and remember thinking that the raindrops were so big and coming down so hard that it felt more like hail than rainfall. After being outside for only about a minute I was as drenched in water as if I’d just climbed out of a swimming pool. The heavy rain kept up and continued throughout the night and all the way through Thursday. So far, we’ve recorded six to eight inches of rainfall and nearly every waterway... Read More