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This is Where the Locals of Boulder go to get their Bongs

April 20th, 2023
clear glass water bong on gray rock

As one of the few states in the US where both recreational and medical marijuana is legal, Colorado has emerged as a top destination for cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world. With a vibrant culture of marijuana consumption and an extensive network of dispensaries and head shops, Colorado offers an unparalleled experience for anyone looking to explore the world of weed. One of the primary reasons why Colorado is such a fantastic place for recreational and medical marijuana is the sheer variety of options available to consumers. Whether you are looking for high-quality flower, potent concentrates,... Read More

Boulder’s Top-Rated Head Shop

April 8th, 2023

Head shops, also known as smoke shops, have been around since the 1960s and 70s, when the counterculture movement was at its height. These shops typically sell items related to cannabis culture, such as rolling papers, pipes, and other smoking accessories. However, the term “head shop” actually originated from the 1960s slang term “head,” which was used to refer to a person who used drugs, particularly LSD. In the early days, head shops were often associated with hippie culture and the underground drug scene. They were often raided by police and faced legal challenges,... Read More

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

June 9th, 2019

Hearing the right song at the right moment can be life-changing. It can put the love of your life into hyper-focus, pull you back from the abyss, and give you the confidence to stand up to someone twice your size. The right song can feel like it was written just for you, yet millions of people can relate to it. Those kinds of songs are not easy to create, much less perform in a way that feels heartfelt. Elton John has been in the business of creating precisely those kinds of songs for decades. Fine, maybe his stuff isn’t necessarily for you, but whether you like his music or not is almost irrelevant.... Read More