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Chautauqua After Snowfall

December 28th, 2022

There is something about a hike through snow covered trees that leaves you with a sense of calm. The snow absorbs all sound and animals are quiet, snuggled away in their hollows. You can only hear the crunch of snow underfoot and all feels still. Snow really is like a blanket, covering up the world to let it rest. Since the snow melts so quickly here, it is a special experience to stroll snowy paths around Boulder.  Even magical, some might say. For Boulderites, Chautauqua is a special place year around that many visit often, for some even daily. I find the park extra majestic with its frosting;... Read More

Top 10 Things To Do on a Snow Day in Boulder that You NEVER Thought Of

February 2nd, 2022

Boulder and the State of Colorado get some School and work closures each year. The really big question is when your snow day comes and don’t have to go to work or school what do you do? Thanks to Verywellfamily.com site, they have shared the 10  Top Things to Do during a Snow day: https://www.verywellfamily.com/ Prepare a special meal on snow days, like homemade pizza, a taco bar, or breakfast for dinner. Have a tea party in the dining room with your fancy dishes. Designate a movie as your family’s “snow-day movie” and watch it every snow day. Drink hot cocoa garnished... Read More

Take a Snow Day: Making Your Own Artisanal Coffee at Home

November 11th, 2014
Scandinavian Coffee Drinkers

As we experience our first snow in Boulder and Denver, it becomes more tempting to stay in and brew our own coffee. While automatic drip machines are easy and convenient ways to make multiple cups of coffee at home, there are other types of brewing equipment that’ll help you produce your own delicious artisanal coffee. With the right tools, a tiny bit of patience, and a desire to learn, you can be your own barista during freezing cold days when you don’t want to venture out for your caffeine fix or if find your local coffee shop closed during a national holiday like today. Check out these different... Read More