There is something about a hike through snow covered trees that leaves you with a sense of calm. The snow absorbs all sound and animals are quiet, snuggled away in their hollows. You can only hear the crunch of snow underfoot and all feels still. Snow really is like a blanket, covering up the world to let it rest.

Since the snow melts so quickly here, it is a special experience to stroll snowy paths around Boulder.  Even magical, some might say.

For Boulderites, Chautauqua is a special place year around that many visit often, for some even daily. I find the park extra majestic with its frosting; every vein in the Flatirons becomes detailed with snowy highlights.

Even on Superbowl Sunday, Chautauqua attracts the crowds

The Flatirons look even mightier dressed in snow

The Flatirons look even mightier dressed in snow

I think this park is what is referred to when people say “winter wonderland”

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Now I know that if you have lived here or even just visited Boulder, you have probably been to Chautauqua, but have you been there after a nice snowfall (before the sun comes out and melts the snow off the trees) ?? If not, I suggest you check it out some time this winter. Any park really, because they all look so different and magical covered in snow. At least while it lasts! This weekend will see temperatures in the 70s!