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Three Things to Do at CU Boulder Before Finals

March 20th, 2019

For some of us students, spring break is not a time for travel. Spring break may instead serve as a time of rest before the busy time of finals season begins. There are a variety of options when it comes to activities to participate in for anyone who may be staying around the CU Boulder area for spring break. Despite the fact that classes will stop for a few days, the campus itself continues. There are a few things one can do if they are not leaving the college for the break, and this extends beyond spring break and into that in-between time of post-spring break and pre-finals. Here are three things... Read More

4 Upcoming Activities at CU Boulder

March 6th, 2019

Spring break is looming on the horizon for CU Boulder. For the students who find themselves waiting in near desperation for the beginning portion of the semester to end and spring break to begin, my only true piece of advice would be to try and enjoy the time spent on the campus before we all find ourselves too busy with finals or too distracted by spring break to do so. A personal favorite way of doing this is by participating in the activities at the college, especially those activities that one might forget about during the busy semester. As such, I have compiled four events which a student... Read More

Creating Spring Break – And That’s A Wrap!

March 27th, 2015

Us Buffaloes seem to be creative in establishing a spring break plan; or lack thereof. It seems that many of us have moved away from the pre-determined vacations, and instead, built our own maps. The exciting thing about building a “map”, is that plans can be limitless. You can begin in Boulder and head to Lake Tahoe, California, but on the way, stop in Moab to climb the Arch…and maybe in Vegas on the drive home. Why would we need all-inclusive when we have our own imaginations? These Buffs have ventured outside of the so-called “typical” spring break locations and... Read More