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Spring break is looming on the horizon for CU Boulder. For the students who find themselves waiting in near desperation for the beginning portion of the semester to end and spring break to begin, my only true piece of advice would be to try and enjoy the time spent on the campus before we all find ourselves too busy with finals or too distracted by spring break to do so. A personal favorite way of doing this is by participating in the activities at the college, especially those activities that one might forget about during the busy semester. As such, I have compiled four events which a student can engage in before spring break sets in.

Visit Fiske Planetarium

A personal belief of mine is that Fiske Planetarium is perhaps the most fabulous place on the CU Boulder campus with impeccable shows. There are nearly always new and exciting shows to see, each one uniquely suited to teaching the audience something. In order to discover the calendar which features all of the activities which takes place at Fiske, one would only need to go to their website offered through CU Boulder. If a reader has perhaps not visited Fiske Planetarium in the past, attending a show at Fiske prior to spring break might serve as the perfect opportunity to try something new. Take a chance with Fiske, as it is often overlooked by students.

View Binding Wounds, Pushing Boundaries; African Americans in Civil War Medicine – A Traveling Exhibit

This exhibit opened at CU Boulder on the 4th of February and will continue to live there until the 16th of March. This project seeks to educate about people of color and the role they inhabited in the medical field during the Civil War. A story that is often ignored or pushed aside in American history, this exhibit allows visitors to learn about the realities of racial and gender existence during a specific time in medicine. It is vastly important to take part in events such as this when they arise. If the university does not perceive interest, there is always a chance that they will not offer events such as this in the future. That would be a true and genuine shame.

Go to the Russian Cooking Series

On March 8th, this event will be held to teach the participants and viewers about the fascinating intricacies of Russian food and cooking. Not only will the event be informative, but it will also provide a much-needed break from the constant day-to-day drone of classes and student life.

See a Performance of Poltergeist by Alika Magas

This new play serves as a metaphor for the difficulties of choosing between life and death, between the past and present, between new and old. When the protagonist, Henry, is faced with the realities of loving a ghost, the audience journeys with him as he struggles to choose between his dead boyfriend and a living love interest. The play explores a problem we can all relate to: staying with a comfortable, if not unhappy, present or taking a chance with an unsure future. The play has dates from the 7-10th of March with varying performance times.


(Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash)

Take this opportunity before spring break and prior to the ridiculously busy finals season to enjoy campus before we all become too invested with work and grades to participate in much of the university lifestyle. When it comes to finding events around campus, I personally will always advocate for the art at CU Boulder. The arts are often ignored for the sake of athletics or other academic functions, but art is a vital portion of CU Boulder, and the college cannot properly thrive without it. If one has the opportunity, please take a chance on some of the art on campus.

Taylor Denton is a movie-loving, vegetarian, nerdy student living in Boulder, currently working to complete a degree in English. She was born on March 22nd, 1998, in Springfield, Missouri. She began writing short stories when she was in middle-school, publishing her first poem in a book created by her school. In high school, her love for creative writing expanded and came to life. She has continued to write, which has become her passion in life. She now writes in college from the perspective of a student, working as often as she can to keep her voice active and evolving while she continues to purse her enthusiasm for writing.