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FLASHBACK: Avery Brewing and CU Buffs Join Forces with ‘Stampede’ Lager

July 31st, 2023

Avery Brewing is honoring CU Buffs with a new lager devoted to the school, appropriately named “Stampede.” Adam Avery, Avery Brewing company founder, said in a statement, “Boulder  is my home, and I’ve been rooting for the Buffs since becoming a Coloradoan 35 years ago. It’s a dream come true to partner with such a great university. I’m surrounded by CU grads here at the brewery who are just as psyched as I am about this beer! Let’s go Buffs!” Avery described the beer, saying,  “At 4.5% (alcohol by volume), Stampede will be a welcome, easy-drinking choice at... Read More

Five Top Attractions Close to the University of Colorado

July 30th, 2023

The University of Colorado is widely considered to have one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States. There are many reasons why this is the case. One of the main reasons is the natural beauty of the area surrounding the campus. The university is located in Boulder, Colorado, which is nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains. The stunning scenery of the mountains provides a breathtaking backdrop for the campus. In addition to the natural beauty of the area, the University of Colorado has made a concerted effort to create a campus that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.... Read More

Featured Event ~ Fiske Planetarium – Drifting North: The Arctic Pulse

March 3rd, 2022

Thu, Mar 3, 2022 7:00pm – 8:00pm / 2414 Regent Dr, Boulder, CO 80309 Follow an international team of scientists from over twenty countries who embark on an epic year-long expedition to the Central Arctic.The Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for the Arctic Climate (MOSAiC) team froze the German Icebreaker R/V Polarstern into the sea ice for a year. For a year, the team drifts with an ice floe and strives to understand the Arctic climate system and its future. The 360-degree planetarium dome show is the first planetarium feature film that captures the entire year of the central Arctic... Read More

Good News Colorado

September 1st, 2019

Buff Stuff Thriving and Surviving your first CU party Colorado Survey Says Colorado Most Desirable State Bear Blog 71-Year-Old Punches Bear Burgling Home Best Coffee in Boulder Top 3 Coffee Shops in Boulder      Read More

4 Upcoming Activities at CU Boulder

March 6th, 2019

Spring break is looming on the horizon for CU Boulder. For the students who find themselves waiting in near desperation for the beginning portion of the semester to end and spring break to begin, my only true piece of advice would be to try and enjoy the time spent on the campus before we all find ourselves too busy with finals or too distracted by spring break to do so. A personal favorite way of doing this is by participating in the activities at the college, especially those activities that one might forget about during the busy semester. As such, I have compiled four events which a student... Read More

Meet Colton!

December 15th, 2017

Meet Colton! Colton is a senior at CU Boulder studying digital media. He is one of the student athletes with the distinction to call themselves one of Ralphie’s Handlers.   Ralphie, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is the CU Boulder mascot who usually makes appearances running out onto Folsom Field ahead of the CU Boulder football team during home games. The group of student athletes that run with Ralphie and guide her horseshoe-shaped pattern through Folsom field are known as Ralphie Handler’s and Colton has been with the team since his freshman year! Growing up in Colorado, Colton... Read More

Words for an Incoming Freshman

August 7th, 2016
college football

Attending the University of Colorado, Boulder is definitely one of the best decisions you could have made, so congratulations on passing your first test. Your choice is wise and sound. This is where you will spend your next four years … or five or six give or take a couple summer courses. The thing about college is that adults really love to ask you questions and give you vague, over-reaching advice about these next couple years. Truth is, of course it will be the best four years of your life. You are – for the first time – only accountable for yourself. There is no one there to tell you... Read More

CU Buff Stuff: Thanksgiving Protocols

November 26th, 2014

Turkey day is nearly upon us students! ‘Tis the season of being thankful. What are you thankful for? Answers should include but not be limited to: family, friends, a good education, living and/or going to school in COLORADO, our basketball team, and so much more. I know the majority of students aren’t staying in Boulder let alone on campus for break but I’ll still do my best to let you know how to make the best out of this much-needed holiday break.   First things first, be involved with thanksgiving dinner, and your involvement should be more than just eating. Whether you’re a good... Read More

CU-Boulder: 3 reasons why it’s great to be an international university

November 19th, 2014

  I read an article the other day that made me think about past experiences here at CU. We have such great but non-American architecture to our campus, and the overall “vibe” that Boulder gives off is unanimously unique. Well, I’m still proud to be an American but I’m also proud of our school for being ranked No. 1 in the state for sending and receiving students internationally. Here’s the list for why it’s great we’re an international university.   You may not realize but the culture of Boulder is far different than the majority of Colorado, and than our country. One... Read More

Black Friday: How to Prepare as a College Student

November 5th, 2014

  A good friend of mine once said, that he loves the smell of fall, the taste of winter, and the sound of spring. Is this a famous quote yet?!! Anyways, besides the fact that fall smells especially delightful as far as seasons go, it also means to get ready to spend a lot of money   You see, every year Black Friday takes on a new role. A bigger and badder role. I’ve never been considered a trust fund baby, I’ve paid for most of what I own, so anytime I’m buying gifts for others or myself I find the rock bottom deals. It’s an odd concept, but some people feel better paying full... Read More