cu fall

Turkey day is nearly upon us students! ‘Tis the season of being thankful. What are you thankful for? Answers should include but not be limited to: family, friends, a good education, living and/or going to school in COLORADO, our basketball team, and so much more. I know the majority of students aren’t staying in Boulder let alone on campus for break but I’ll still do my best to let you know how to make the best out of this much-needed holiday break.


First things first, be involved with thanksgiving dinner, and your involvement should be more than just eating. Whether you’re a good cook or a cook at all just show your family that you’re up for the task and you’re willing to make a contribution. It may shock some of you, but it does this astounding thing: it shows you care! Also, it’s a perfect time to bond with those you don’t get to see often but are very important to you (and may be partially responsible for your existence…)


Second, be the source of good ideas and show your family that college really is benefiting you. Example: take your family to a ballet, perhaps one known as the Nutcracker, America’s favorite ballet. The point is, don’t think about yourself this holiday but those around you who truly matter. Try and put their interests before yours and be optimistic because you’ll likely learn from it and maybe enjoy it as well, but the most important part is that you’re spending time away from the professors and with your family.


Third, try and get SOME schoolwork done. I don’t care if I get criticism for putting this last on the list, far behind family. See, this is a holiday, and the most family oriented one there is. With that said, there will still be enough free time to get work done. If you don’t have any work to do somehow then start preparing for finals. To all you freshman especially, we’ll have roughly 2 weeks once we get back until finals begin. These may be the fastest paced two weeks of your lives so far, and let me tell you from experience, the more you prepare over break the less stressed you’ll be during finals.


So to sum it all up, help out with thanksgiving dinner, be the source of positive entertainment for your family, and get a jump-start on the final stretch of this semester. And oh yea, S’KOOOOOO BUFFS!